Business Codes

Business Codes

We earned our customer's trust through our reliability, honesty and hard working. Trust is one of our most valuable assets. And it’s one of the most fragile. Building up trust together needs hard working, empathy, sensible management, timely manner and goodwill. That’s why the way we manage our business is as important as the products we sell.

People know us not only for what we make, but also for what we do. We’ve built a reputation for being socially conscious and giving back to create better lives in the communities where we live and work

Together, we’ve been bringing efficiency in using our resources water, energy, infrastructure lifetime and improve living standards. 

Every day we’re trying to build something better, whether it’s a new product, a new way of production or a new initiative to invest in people and society.

We outperform our competition fairly and honestly.

Our Code of Conduct provides us with the resources and the information we need to operate our business responsibly, to make ethical decisions ... to maintain trust.