Granular Salt

Eurosalt Granular Salt is perfect for use of regeneration of ion exchangers in domestic and industrial water softening equipment and dishwashers. 

Eurosalt can crush, sieve and pack salt granules which are 2 - 6 mm in size that creates the optimum granular size and characteristics that give its major advantages over other granular salts.

The high purity of our granular salt ensures that the brine does not damage the integrity of the resin, the valves or the vessel used in your water softener. With the help of Eurosalt Granular salt, the entire system can work more efficiently and last longer.

  • All-natural water softener salt    
  • Helps improve the taste of water and extend the life of appliances
  • Keep water appliances running at peak performance.
  • Help prevent hard water mineral scaling in water heaters and pipes.
  • Clean your softener and remove hard water minerals.
  • Available Packing: 10 kg & 25 kg & big bag